Be Made Whole: A Course in Personal Development – eBook


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In life we often see people grow and increase but then come back down to where they were. In some cases we see it happening repeatedly in a person’s lifetime. If we don’t grow on the inside then we will never be able to maintain our external growth. This course is designed to guide you through steps to help you discover what is holding you back from growing and maintaining your growth. This course will equip people from all walks of life and in all positions of business to develop themselves. In developing themselves they become an asset wherever they are connected – work, home, family & society. Questions are presented which lead people to address their limitations, understand their past, think about where they are now, make necessary changes to improve themselves, consider their future, and re-direct their life if necessary. The principles and thought process applied in this course can be re-run over and over again throughout the course of a person’s life.