The Father’s Heart

The Father’s Heart is a community development organisation based in Fisantekraal, a community near Durbanville in South Africa. It was founded by Michael and Jill Carolissen. Their passion is to restore families and to see Fisantekraal thrive as a community. Their focus is on orphans and vulnerable children. At the time of writing this post they are working on a project to build a large community centre for Fisantekraal. I am privileged to be able to work with this organisation of inspired, passionate, and integrous people.

My vision for Fisantekraal is to see it become a thriving and prosperous economy, to see the people all employed or owning their own businesses, and to see their families restored and fully provided for. To this end, I am working with the community, giving various personal development and leadership courses (my own course and Maxwell Leadership courses) and mentoring.

Visit The Father’s Heart website here.

Everyone Communicates Few Connect session at The Fathers Heart in Fisantekraal
Feedback from Lulama Dyobhani after doing the Be Made Whole Personal Development Course
Feedback from Elizabeth Maans after doing the Be Made Whole Personal Development Course
iLead Table in Afrikaans – February 2023