Laughter kills germs … and a bad attitude.


Arrogance = Confidence – God; Faith = Confidence + God.

Consistency builds momentum.



Growth is necessary for improvement.


Growth requires change.


If we don’t stop asking questions, we won’t run out of answers.


Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what needs to change.


Money is a terrible leader, but it’s a great follower.


My gain should never mean a loss to someone else.


Never criticize. Always discern. Never be afraid. Always be wise.


Self-love gets the success started. Loving others keeps it going.


The habits we inherit have more impact than the DNA we inherit.


Your desire has no power unless it moves you to action.


When you’re building others up, you are strengthening your own self worth.


If we stop learning, we stop growing; our brains stop developing and start stagnating.


Recording podcasts in the studio at Radio Cape Pulpit.


Take stock of the influencers in your life.


Starve the monster before it grows up!


Be teachable.


Fail + Get Up Again = SUCCESS.


Do the important things first.


Giving is more rewarding than receiving.


Just take one step.


There’s no “I” in team.


We all have the awesome privilege of choice. Choose well!