You don’t have to teach your children everything … you can’t. You can only teach them what you know, and then there’s the challenge of “so much to do, so little time”. But, if you teach them to love learning, they will never stop growing, no matter how old they get. If the method you are using to educate your children is taking away their love of learning, something needs to change. Children who grow up hating learning will typically become adults who struggle to excel in life, who hate their jobs, who are satisfied to just get by, but not bothered to make the effort to grow or increase … unless something changes their way of thinking.

The English word “education” comes from 2 Latin root words: “educare” meaning to train or to mould and “educere” meaning to lead out or to draw out. The correct application in child education would be to identify and draw out the gifts and talents in a child. It would be to train skills and to mould character. It is the responsibility of the parent to do this. Through this process and prayer, the child will discover and follow their God-given purpose and destiny. Their life purpose would normally be in the field of their interest, gifting and natural tendencies.  Loving what they do will result in them loving to work and loving to learn.

Always remember that your child’s education is much bigger than a book, a course or a curriculum. It is the preparing of your child for a successful, fulfilling life. Kids love the adventure of discovering new things, learning about new things and going to new places. Make their education fun and adventurous.