Protecting Your Family in Dangerous Times & Dangerous Places – eBook


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Remember that God’s protection is not automatic. It would be if we didn’t have an enemy trying to take it away from us every day. This book will give you the tools you need to ward off your enemy, Satan, and keep him away from your family so you can enjoy God’s protection every day.

2011 – 4:00am. I was woken up by an imperative whisper, saying, “Wake up!” As I heard those words, I felt 2 firm taps on my feet. I opened my eyes and was immediately wide awake. But I saw no one in the room. Instinctively, I knew it was the Lord waking me up. I knew that this was important, so I got up to pray. For the next hour I worshiped and prayed in tongues. Then I went back to sleep, still not knowing what it was all about. Later that morning the kids had gone to school, and I was alone in the house. Around 9am 2 men tried to break into the house, …

Protecting Your Family in Dangerous Times & Dangerous Places