Is it possible to have success in every area of your life? … Well, that depends on how you define success, Many believe that success means to have no problems or to have things perfect. Others believe it means to be happy or joyful and at peace. If I asked 10 people that same question, I’m sure I’d get a few different answers. The older I get the more I realise that there will always be some or other challenge or problem to deal with and that life on this earth will never be perfect! Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Joy and peace come from within. So, what is success then? Let’s define it.

The Oxford Dictionary defines success as: “a favourable issue, the attainment of one’s object or of wealth or of position, a person or thing that turns out well. prosperous (to thrive).” It says nothing about perfection. The words that stand out to me are “attainment” and “favourable” and “thrive”. “Attainment” is connected to an action. “Favourable” is connected to one’s surroundings. And “thrive” is connected to one’s disposition (what’s going on inside us, our heart and mind).

I believe that our disposition (our heart and mind, the inside) is more powerful than our surroundings (the outside) and is the one that impacts our actions. It determines the direction our lives will take. You see, when we act a certain way, it’s not our surroundings that cause us to act that way. It’s what’s on the inside of us that’s being revealed. Our “attainment” (or action) is a manifestation of our “thriving” (or heart and mind).

So, where is this all leading? … Let’s go back to our question, “Is it possible to have success in every area of your life?” Yes, it is. If we develop correct attitudes in the key success areas of our lives, then we will be successful.

And here are the key areas of success: physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual well-being, social success and financial success. Now, remember that “perfection” was not mentioned in the definition of success.

If heart is the motive and mindset is the thought process, then the desire to be successful in these areas, coupled with some planning , thought and research on each area, will eventually overflow into better choices (actions) which will overflow into “a favourable issue”. We can’t know everything, but if we just apply what we can of what we know, it will produce a positive change. It will produce success. And if we are always looking at ways of improving and growing then we will always be successful. Whatever you give attention to grows. Success has everything to do with continuous positive change and growth and nothing at all to do with perfection.