What should I start with? Encouragement or challenge? ….. Let’s start with encouragement (so you read to the end LOL :D).

We all need encouragement at times. Encouragement comforts us. It helps us to stay positive. It helps us to believe that it’ll all turn out right in the end. It gives us that little push to hold on longer, hang in there, stay the course, not give up, believe the best … even when it looks like all hell is breaking loose around us.

Challenge, on the other hand, grows us …. IF we know how to handle it. In fact, we need challenges in order to grow. You see, encouragement doesn’t grow us. It comforts us. And there’s a time for that. But sometimes we need to grow, and challenge gets us out of our comfort zone and into our creative zone …. IF we handle it right. It’s been said that difficulty is the mother of invention. It’s also been said that the most millionaires were made in times of recession and depression. Those inventors and millionaires got their creative juices flowing when the difficulty came. The opportunities are all around us. What will you do in times of challenge? Will you let it consume you? Or will you take on the challenge to grow, to evolve, to re-invent yourself, to start something new, to get creative?

Throughout my life experiences I have found that when challenges came my way, they tried to destroy me. I had insomnia for many years. Gradually, it tried to beak me down bit by bit, and it was damaging every area of my life. I was on a destructive path. Then I got my mind and attitude right, I took it to prayer. I got the Lord’s wisdom on the situation. I began changing the way I saw myself. And I was set free from it.

I had a sickly child. I was in and out of the hospital and constantly at doctors, medical specialists and pharmacies for about one year. One day I had had enough! I said, “Lord, this CANNOT be Your will for my child.” That was the day I stopped being a victim and took charge of the difficulty I was facing. I began looking for the answers that the doctors couldn’t (or wouldn’t) give me. I embarked on a journey of health research and prayer. I turned my challenge into a health book so that many can benefit from all that I learnt through my years of research on health . That book, Getting Healthy – One Step at a Time, is now available on this website. Around 2013 I had some friends ask me to teach them about health when they noticed that I had learnt so much. So, I gave them a little health course which I called “Health Victories”. For 8 months we got together once a month and I shared with them everything I had learnt. You see, our growth during difficult times is not just for ourselves, but also for others. Let’s use what was meant to destroy us to grow, not only ourselves, but others, too.